Pirate Dictionary

How to talk like a pirate

Ahoy Hello!

Aye Yes.

Arr! / Argh / Arrgh! / Yarr! / Harr! etc. A general piratical term - can be used with anything.

Avast! Used as a command to stop or desist.

Belay Used in the imperative as an order to stop.

Bucko A friend.

Davy Jones' locker The bottom of the sea.

Dead men tell no tales Phrase explaining why pirates leave no survivors.

Doubloons A gold coin formerly used in Spain and Spanish America.

Gangway! "Get out of my way!"

Grog An alcoholic liquor, especially rum diluted with water.

He's gone to Davy Jones's locker He is dead.

Jolly Roger A black flag bearing a white skull and crossbones; indicates a pirate ship.

Matey Sociable; friendly.

Me A piratical way to say "my."

Me hearties A term of familiar address and fellowship among sailors.

Six Pounders Cannons.

Smartly Quickly.

Splice the Mainbrace! To have a Drink, or perhaps several.

Yo-ho-ho Completely meaningless, but fun to say.

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