Basic information

Name: Jack Sparrow
Job: Pirate Captain, formerly EITC Captain
Hair: Black, in dreadlocks
Eyes: Brown
Ships used: The Black Pearl, The Interceptor, Jolly Mon, the Barnacle, the Grand Barnacle
Weapons: Pistol, Sabre, Musket

Captain Jack Sparrow is a fictional pirate and one of the primary characters of the Pirates of the Caribbean film trilogy: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003), Dead Man's Chest (2006), and the as of yet unreleased third installment At World's End (2007). The character is portrayed by actor Johnny Depp.

According to the official Disney website and the game based on the film series, Jack Sparrow, the son of Captain Grant Sparrow was born in British colonial India and was once employed by the East India Trading Company. He helmed the Wicked Wench, an EITC merchant vessel, performing odd jobs for Cutler Beckett. When Sparrow refuses to transport slaves and instead frees them in Africa, Beckett sanctions the torching (and sinking) of the Wicked Wench, and literally brands Jack Sparrow a pirate. Jack comes to embrace his outlaw status, becoming a successful pirate with no desire to return to life under the command of others. Later, Jack petitions Davy Jones to raise his ship from the ocean floor. He rechristens her the Black Pearl.